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Multilayer chip ceramic capacitor

Date: 2019-09-01

Multilayer chip ceramic capacitor (MLCC) is one of the fastest growing chip components in the world. It is called rice in the electronic industry. As a type of capacitor, the function of MLCC in the circuit is to maintain and generate a certain amount of power, regulate the current flow in the circuit, and prevent electromagnetic interference between components. With the miniaturization and high integration of electronic equipment, MLCC has been developing towards the direction of miniaturization and high capacity. For example, a mobile phone has more and more functions, so it needs more MLCC to achieve, and the internal space of the mobile phone itself is limited, which requires the size of MLCC to reduce, reliability and capacity to continue to improve. We believe that in the era of the Internet of Things and the trend of electronic equipment, MLCC as an irreplaceable product, its consumption will continue to grow.

According to TTI statistics, the global demand for MLCC has maintained a sustained growth in the past 20 years, with a compound annual growth rate of about 12%. In 2018, the global ceramic capacitor market is about 9 billion US dollars, and the corresponding demand amounts to about 3.5 trillion, showing a trend of further accelerating growth.

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