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How to choose the suitable MLCC?

Date: 2022-01-05
1. MLCC selection: just meeting the parameters is not enough; let's see how to choose a suitable MLCC.
firstly, the MLCC parameters must meet the circuit requirements, secondly, whether the parameters and media can make the system work in the best state; thirdly, whether there are defective products in the incoming MLCC and how reliable is it, Finally, whether the price has an advantage, whether the supplier cooperates in a timely manner. Many design engineers do not pay much attention to passive components, thinking that it is enough to calculate the parameters only by theory. In fact, the selection of MLCC is a complicated process, and it is not just a matter of simply satisfying the parameters.

2. Selection elements

-Parameters: capacitance value, tolerance, withstand voltage, operating temperature, size
-DC bias effect
-Price and availability

3. The performance of different media determines the different applications of MLCC

-C0G/NPO with -55 to +125°C operataion temperature, with high temperature compensation characteristics, suitable for bypass capacitors and coupling capacitors
-X7R with -55 to +125°C operataion temperature, capacitors are temperature-stable ceramic capacitors, suitable for low-demand industrial applications
-X5R with -55 to +85°C operataion temperature, characterized by small size and low cost, suitable for high capacitance, decoupling circuit.
-Y5V with -25 to +85°C operataion temperature, with the worst temperature characteristics, but with large capacity, it can replace low-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors

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