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Multilayer chip large current bead HDLB

Date: 2023-06-21
Multilayer chip large current bead
Features: withstand high current, low DC resistance, and high reliability.
Suppression and elimination of electromagnetic interference and radio
Suitable for power supply units, portable device with low power consumption.

HONGDA Capacitors HDLB series, perfectly replace Murata Taiyo Yuden in consumer, industrial level.
welcome to contact our sales team if any interest.

HONGDA Murata Taiyo yuden
HDLB1005 Series BLM15PG Series BKP1005 Series
HDLB1608 Series BLM18PG Series BKP1608 Series
HDLB2012 Series BLM21PG Series BKP2125 Series
HDLB3216 Series BLM31PG Series FBMJ3216 Series

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