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The Advantage of Tantalum Capacitor

Date: 2022-01-14
The full name of tantalum capacitor is tantalum electrolytic capacitor, which is a kind of electrolytic capacitor. It uses metal tantalum as the medium. Unlike ordinary electrolytic capacitors, it does not use electrolyte. Tantalum capacitors do not need to be wound with aluminum-plated capacitor paper like ordinary electrolytic capacitors. There is almost no inductance by itself. 
Since the dielectric layer of tantalum capacitor is formed by oxidation of anode metal in electrolyte, and the generated dielectric film generates heat under the action of applied voltage, it is easy to produce oxide with high resistivity. This is equivalent to repairing defects, cracks and other defects in the oxide film, that is, it has a self-healing effect. This unique self-healing performance guarantees its long life and reliability advantages. Solid tantalum capacitors have excellent electrical properties, a wide operating temperature range, various forms, and excellent volumetric efficiency. They have their unique characteristics: the working medium of tantalum capacitors is a very thin tantalum pentoxide film formed on the surface of tantalum metal. The oxide film dielectric of this layer is combined with one end of the capacitor to form a whole and cannot exist alone. Since the anode block has many microporous structures, the capacitance per unit volume is particularly large, that is, the specific capacity is high, so it is suitable for miniaturization of circuit boards
The performance of tantalum capacitor is excellent. It is a product with a small size and a larger capacitance.

Filtering performance
Tantalum electrolytic capacitors have the properties of storing power, charging and discharging, and are mainly used in filtering, energy storage and conversion, symbol bypass, coupling and decoupling, and time constant components. Pay attention to its performance characteristics in the application. Correct use will help to give full play to its functions, such as considering the product's working environment and its heating temperature, and taking measures such as debating use. If used improperly, it will affect the product's working life.
In the working process of tantalum capacitors, it has the performance of automatically repairing or isolating defects in the oxide film, so that the oxide film medium can be reinforced and restored to its proper insulation capacity at any time, without being subjected to continuous cumulative damage. This unique self-healing performance guarantees the advantages of long life and reliability.
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