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What is ITS?

Date: 2023-08-03

With science and technology’s developing, society’s progress, transportation’s increasing development, road congestion and the contradictions between cities, population, and transportation have become increasingly prominent, which boosts the construction and development of ITS.

What is ITS?
ITS is short for Intelligent Transportation Systems. New transportation systems that improve transportation efficiency and comfort through advanced information and communication technologies, such as car navigation systems and ETC systems.

The main components of intelligent transportation system are:
1. Accurate tracking system: GPS
2. Electronic timetables
3. Smart model to predict time of arrival
4. Smart commuting
5. Smart traffic control
6. Improved and better BRT system enacted with public participation
7. Installing CCTVs on traffic routes and in buses.
8. Creation of flyover and overbridges to eliminate need of traffic lights
9. Electronic payment of fare
10.Traveller’s advisory system like the use of advisory radio, SMS services, internet etc
11. Emergency Management Systems: To manage any unforeseen emergencies.
12. Railroad Crossing: Gives signals about approaching rail junctions.
13. Wireless communication System
14. Safe driving Support System
15. Electronic toll payment System
16. Computational technologies

Benefits of intelligent transportation system
The main benefits of intelligent transportation are as follows:
• Develop (and subsequently renew), a secure and effective revenue collection system – this has formed the backbone of the ITS
• Develop enhanced operations management capabilities to provide reliable services and deal with disruptions
• Provide communications for staff security
• Provide improved passenger information
• Obtain data for planning, resource optimization and performance monitoring
To assist the achievement of the quantity and quality of the service required in the service contract with the province of Florence
• To generate the trip logs, analysis and reporting required by the province of Florence under the service contract
• To manage the daily operations, on both normal and disrupted state
• To manage the driver vehicle handovers and shift-changes
• To provide the platform for real-time and other information to passengers
• To provide the platform for e-ticketing
• To identify vehicle faults and assist rapid response
• To support demand responsive transport and other non-standard mobility services
• To generate and manage data for post-event analysis, including running time analysis, scheduling, resource optimization, and incident investigation

What we can supply to ITS?
HONGDA Capacitors, the ISO9001, IATF16949 qualified factory, supply passive components to ITS, ITS use lots of Capacitors, Inductors. As the key manufacturer in China, you can get cost-effective parts from us.
Advantages of choose HONGDA:
1-- Quality parts: 20+ year experience, ISO9001 qualified, Japan-imported production lines.
2-- Cost-effective parts: SMD E-caps’ prices are 50%~100% lower than Panasonic Nichicon, Inductors’ prices are 30%~80% cost down than Murata TDK, with fast delivery.
3-- Engineer cross: suggest you the suitable parts.
4-- Good support: Samples or trial order can be supplied if needed.

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